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by Arista
Product Line: Arista 720XP Series
Product Type: switch
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Product Description

The Arista CCS-720XP-48Y6-F switch features 48 x 10/100M-1G PoE ports and 6 x 25G SFP ports, providing diverse connectivity options for desktops, PoE devices, and IoT applications. It supports 802.3af/at/bt power services with up to 60W per RJ45 port, and offers speed configurations from 10Mbps to 5Gbps, including 80 x mGig (100M - 2.5Gb) RJ45 and 16 x mGig (100M - 5Gb) RJ45 ports. Designed for high availability, it incorporates N+1 redundant power/cooling, Active/Active MLAG aggregation, and ISSU for seamless software upgrades, along with advanced network monitoring through sFlow, IPFIX, and FlowTracker technologies.

FAQs for the CCS-720XP-48Y6-F

  • What is the port configuration of the Arista 720XP switch?
    • The Arista 720XP switch has 48 x 10/100M-1G PoE ports, 6 x 25G SFP ports, and additional options for mGig ports supporting up to 5Gbps, providing a variety of connection options.
  • How does the Arista switch support Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices?
    • It supports 802.3af/at/bt power services, delivering up to 60W per RJ45 port, suitable for powering user desktops, PoE appliances, and IoT devices.
  • Can the switch handle high-density VLAN and VXLAN networks?
    • Yes, it supports up to 4096 802.1Q VLANs and up to 16.7 million VXLAN networks, ensuring scalable network segmentation.
  • What are the uplink capabilities of the Arista 720XP?
    • It features 4x 25G and 2x 100G uplinks, facilitating dynamic load balancing and high availability for core building networks.
  • How does the switch ensure network reliability and uptime?
    • With N+1 redundant power/cooling, active/active MLAG aggregation, and ISSU for software upgrades, the switch ensures continuous operation and minimal downtime.
  • What advanced monitoring features does the Arista 720XP offer?
    • It offers hardware-accelerated monitoring, including sFlow, IPFIX, and FlowTracker, for real-time device inventory and conversation monitoring.
  • Is the switch capable of handling Layer 3 routing protocols?
    • Yes, it supports IPv4/v6 VRFs and EVPN L2/3 (type 2/5) for comprehensive Layer 3 routing capabilities.
  • What makes the Arista 720XP suitable for high-performance networking?
    • The CCS-720 series non-blocking switching processor, along with support for open, standards-based L2 MLAG and L3 ECMP load balancing features, ensures high-performance and efficient networking.
  • How does the switch facilitate software upgrades?
    • Through ISSU (In-Service Software Upgrade), the switch allows for software upgrades and hitless patching without interrupting network service.
  • What is the power supply specification of the Arista 720XP switch?
    • It is equipped with a 1050W AC power supply unit, supporting the high PoE demand and ensuring reliable power delivery to connected devices.

Product Review

The Arista CCS-720XP-48Y6-F switch offers comprehensive connectivity and power options, supporting speeds up to 5Gbps with PoE capabilities across its ports, making it suitable for a diverse range of devices from user desktops to IoT devices. However, while the switch provides a high number of VLANs and supports extensive network virtualization and segmentation capabilities, it might present a steep learning curve for deployment and management due to its advanced features. The inclusion of N+1 redundant power and cooling, along with hardware-accelerated monitoring and dynamic load balancing, ensures high reliability and performance for critical network infrastructures.


The Arista CCS-720XP-48Y6-F is a high-performance switch designed to meet the needs of modern networks, offering a blend of speed, power, and flexibility. This switch includes 48 ports of 10/100M-1G Power over Ethernet (PoE), along with six 25G SFP ports, supporting a range of connection speeds and types. It is engineered for environments requiring high bandwidth and power for devices, such as user desktops, PoE appliances, and IoT devices. The switch comes equipped with a 1050W AC power supply and features front to rear airflow for efficient cooling. Key hardware specifications include support for 802.3af/at/bt PoE standards, delivering up to 60W per RJ45 port. This capability allows the switch to power devices directly through Ethernet cables, reducing the need for additional power supplies. The switch offers a variety of speed options, from 10Mbps to 5Gbps, making it versatile for different network demands.
  • 80 x mGig (100M - 2.5Gb) RJ45 ports at 60W
  • 16 x mGig (100M - 5Gb) RJ45 ports at 60W
  • Uplinks include 4x 25G and 2x 100G for high-speed connectivity
Support for 4096 802.1Q VLANs and IPv4/v6 VRFs enables the switch to segment network traffic efficiently, enhancing security and performance. With support for 16.7 million VXLAN networks and EVPN L2/3 (type 2/5), the Arista CCS-720XP-48Y6-F excels in creating scalable, virtualized network environments. Its hardware-accelerated monitoring capabilities, including sFlow and IPFIX, offer detailed network visibility and analytics. The FlowTracker feature further enhances network monitoring by inventorying devices and monitoring conversations. High availability is a critical aspect of the CCS-720XP-48Y6-F, featuring N+1 redundant power and cooling to ensure continuous operation. It supports Active/Active Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) for bandwidth aggregation and redundancy, along with dynamic uplink load balancing for optimized traffic distribution. In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU) enable software updates and patching without network interruption, ensuring high uptime. The switch's non-blocking switching processor provides real-time updates for all devices, with hardware support scaling to 32K flows. It supports open, standards-based Layer 2 MLAG and Layer 3 ECMP load balancing features, facilitating high availability and load sharing at the core of the network. In summary, the Arista CCS-720XP-48Y6-F is a powerful option for networks demanding high-speed connectivity, extensive PoE capabilities, and advanced features for network segmentation, virtualization, and monitoring. Its uplink options, redundant systems, and hardware-accelerated features make it a reliable choice for building high-performance, resilient network infrastructures.


Model Arista CCS-720XP-48Y6-F
Type 720XP Series Switch
Ports 48 x 10/100M-1G PoE, 6 x 25G SFP
Cooling Direction Front-to-rear airflow
Power Supply 1 x 1050W AC
Connectivity Provides wire speed transmission and power
Applications Supports user workstations, Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology
Power Capability Supports 802.3af/at/bt, up to 60W per RJ45 port
Performance Range 10Mbps to 5Gbps speed capability
mGig Ports 80 x RJ45 (100M - 2.5Gb) @ 60W, 16 x RJ45 (100M - 5Gb) @ 60W
Uplink Configuration 4 x 25G, 2 x 100G ports
VLAN Support Up to 4096 802.1Q VLANs
Routing and Forwarding IPv4/IPv6 VRFs
VXLAN Networks Support for 16.7 million VXLAN networks
EVPN Support Layer 2/3 EVPN (types 2/5)
Monitoring Accelerated hardware monitoring
Traffic Analysis sFlow and IPFIX supported
Device and Conversation Monitoring FlowTracker for device inventory and conversation analysis
Redundancy N+1 power/cooling redundancy
Link Aggregation Active/Active MLAG support
Load Balancing Dynamic load balancing across uplinks
Software Maintenance ISSU for seamless software updates and patching
Processor CCS-720 series dedicated switching processor
Update Capability Real-time device update support
Flow Support Scalable to 32K flows with hardware support
Standard Compliance Open standards-based L2 MLAG and L3 ECMP support
Core Network Sharing Enhanced core network load sharing capabilities

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