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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C=
Product Type: Optical Transport System
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Product Description

The Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C= is a wavelength cross-connect card designed for the C band with 40 channels, utilizing MEMS filter type for high precision. It supports a maximum input power of 25 dBm, with an insertion loss of 5 dB and a dynamic range of 20 dB for the variable optical attenuator. Key technical features include MPO channel input/output ports, LC composite ports, and a power draw of 25 W, ensuring efficient performance across a wide range of environmental conditions.

Key Feature for the 15454-40-WXC-C=

  • What is the maximum input power for the networking hardware?
    The maximum input power is 25 dBm.
  • How many channels does part number Odd or Even Odd Band C support?
    It supports 40 channels.
  • What is the insertion loss for this device?
    The insertion loss is 5 dB.
  • What is the minimum VOA dynamic range specified in Odd or Even Odd Band C?
    The minimum VOA dynamic range is 20 dB.
  • What type of filter does the networking hardware use?
    It uses a MEMS filter type.
  • Can you detail the minimum transmit filter -1 dB bandwidth for Odd or Even Odd Band C?
    The minimum transmit filter -1 dB bandwidth is +/-110 pm.
  • What are the adjacent and non-adjacent crosstalk values?
    The adjacent crosstalk is 30 dB, and the non-adjacent crosstalk is 40 dB.
  • What maximum polarization dependent loss is offered by Odd or Even Odd Band C?
    The maximum polarization dependent loss is 0.6 dB.
  • What accuracy level does the optical power setting maintain?
    The optical power setting accuracy is +/-1.3 dB.
  • What is the minimum return loss for Odd or Even Odd Band C?
    The minimum return loss is 40 dB.

Product Review

The Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C= module offers a 40-channel capacity with MEMS filter technology, supporting dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) applications with a minimal insertion loss of 5 dB and an efficient power draw of 25 W. However, its maximum input power limitation of 25 dBm and polarization dependent loss of up to 0.6 dB could restrict performance in high-power or polarization-sensitive environments. Additionally, the module's operational temperature range from -5 °C to 55 °C and humidity resilience from 5% to 95% make it versatile for various installation conditions, though the maximum storage temperature cap at 70 °C may necessitate careful monitoring of storage conditions.


The Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C= is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern optical networks, offering a blend of high performance and scalability. This product is part of Cisco's ONS 15454 series, a family known for its reliability in network infrastructure. This hardware specification guide outlines the key features and capabilities of the Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C=, focusing on its hardware aspects to provide a comprehensive overview. At the heart of the Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C= lies its wavelength cross-connect (WXC) functionality, which supports 40 channels in the C-band, providing a dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) solution that enhances bandwidth and network efficiency. The device utilizes MEMS filter technology, ensuring precise and reliable operation across all channels. Key specifications of the Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C= include: - Odd or Even Channel Support: This feature allows for versatile network configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of optical networking applications. - Insertion Loss: The device has an insertion loss of 5 dB, optimizing signal strength and quality over long distances. - Dynamic Range: With a minimum variable optical attenuator (VOA) dynamic range of 20 dB, it offers flexible power management across all channels. Additional hardware specifications highlight the Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C='s capabilities in handling optical signals with high efficiency and minimal loss. The device can manage a maximum input power of 25 dBm, ensuring robust signal transmission even at high power levels. The filter's bandwidth is designed to minimize crosstalk, with adjacent crosstalk at 30 dB and non-adjacent crosstalk at 40 dB, thereby maintaining signal integrity across channels. Polarization dependent loss is kept to a maximum of 0.6 dB, indicating minimal signal degradation due to polarization effects. This is complemented by an optical power setting accuracy of +/-1.3 dB, allowing for precise control over signal strength. The minimum return loss of 40 dB further ensures that signal reflections are effectively mitigated, enhancing overall network performance. Connectivity is facilitated through MPO channel input/output ports and composite LC ports, providing versatility in network design and integration. The device is also designed for efficiency, with a power draw of 25 W and occupying only 2 slots, making it an energy and space-efficient choice for network operators. Operational reliability is a key focus of the Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C=, with a broad operating temperature range from -5 °C to 55 °C and humidity tolerance from 5% to 95%, ensuring consistent performance across various environmental conditions. The card LEDs offer immediate visual feedback on the operational status, including failure, active/standby mode, and signal fail indicators. In terms of durability, the device is designed to withstand storage temperatures up to 70 °C and humidity levels from 5% to 95%, ensuring long-term reliability even in challenging storage conditions. In summary, the Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C= stands out as a powerful solution for DWDM networks, combining precise wavelength management, high signal integrity, and operational efficiency. Its comprehensive set of features makes it an ideal choice for network operators looking to enhance bandwidth, performance, and scalability in their optical networks.


Item Number Cisco 15454-40-WXC-C=
Manufacturer Cisco
Parity Odd
Transmission Band C
Channel Count 40
Loss on Insertion 5 dB
VOA Dynamic Range Low End 20 dB
Peak Input Power 25 dBm
Filter Technology MEMS
Bandwidth of Transmit Filter Minimum -1 dB at +/-110 pm
Direct Crosstalk 30 dB
Indirect Crosstalk 40 dB
Highest Polarization Loss 0.6 dB
Accuracy of Optical Power Adjustment +/-1.3 dB
Lowest Return Loss 40 dB
Ports for Channel I/O MPO
Mixed Ports LC
Energy Consumption 25 W
Slot Requirement 2
Indicator Lights Failure (FAIL), Active/Standby (ACT/STBY), Signal Fail (SF)
Lowest Operational Temperature -5 °C
Highest Operational Temperature 55 °C
Operational Humidity Range Low End 5%
Operational Humidity Range High End 95%
Lowest Storage Temperature 70 °C
Highest Storage Temperature 70 °C
Humidity Range for Storage 5% to 95%

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