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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco A903-RSP1A-55
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Cisco A903-RSP1A-55 is a high-performance router designed for enterprise networks. It provides reliable and scalable network infrastructure with advanced features, such as up to 100 Gbps of throughput and support for virtualization and cloud services. This router provides a flexible and resilient design that supports multiple network modules and interface options.

Key Feature for the A903-RSP1A-55

1. Up to 100 Gbps of throughput 
2. Support for up to 2 million IPv4 or 1 million IPv6 routes 
3. Advanced network virtualization and cloud services support 
4. Modular design with support for various network modules and interfaces 
5. Hardware and software redundancy for high availability 
6. Advanced security features for threat protection and mitigation

Product Review

The Cisco A903-RSP1A-55 stands out due to its large 55 Gbps capacity. This is especially useful for users with high demand traffic since it allows them to handle large amounts of data without hardware upgrades. The product is also designed to enable users to manage their networks independently, thereby reducing their reliance on IT professionals for most of their network needs. Finally, its large built-in storage and RAM capacity allows the system to store more information and ensure a higher-level computing performance than most competitors.


The Cisco A903-RSP1A-55 is a state-of-the-art enterprise router that provides reliable, secure and high performance routing for corporate networks. It has been designed for performance-sensitive applications and incorporates the latest innovations in hardware and software design. The hardware specifications of the Cisco A903-RSP1A-55 makes it an ideal choice for corporate networks. It comes with two NIM slots and three expansion slots, which allows it to accommodate multiple add-on cards such as WAN interface cards,security services, and other network processing modules. The packet forwarding engine included in the router is capable of forwarding up to 1 million packets per second (pps) while providing 1Gbps of throughput. The router is also equipped with 16GB of system memory and 64GB of storage capacity. The Cisco A903-RSP1A-55 features an advanced intelligent redundant system (IRS) which provides enterprise-grade hardware redundancy and the ability to perform an automated system nework failover within 5 seconds in case of a hardware or software failure. This router also comes with a granular Quality of Service feature set which helps ensure optimum experience for network users by giving priority for key business applications such as VoIP, real-time collaboration, etc. The Cisco A903-RSP1A-55 also features a comprehensive security suite that includes strong encryption algorithms, intrusion detection systems and access control policy tools to provide a secure environment for corporate networks. Additionally, the router supports various virtual routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF and EIGRP to help maximize network efficiency and availability. Overall, the Cisco A903-RSP1A-55 is the perfect choice for an advanced enterprise router solution as it combines strong performance with robust security measures while providing flexibility with its various virtual routing protocols support. The combination of these features makes it an ideal solution for organizations looking to deploy high speed and reliable connection in a secure environment.

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