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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco N3K-C3132Q-X-OE
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Cisco N3K-C3132Q-X-OE is a high-performance switch designed for data center networks. It offers 32 40-Gigabit Ethernet ports with a switching capacity of up to 2.56 Tbps. This switch is ideal for businesses that require high-speed connectivity and low latency for their mission-critical applications.

Key Feature for the N3K-C3132Q-X-OE

1. 32 40-Gigabit Ethernet ports
2. Switching capacity of up to 2.56 Tbps
3. Low latency with a forwarding rate of up to 1.44 bpps
4. Advanced features such as VXLAN, OTV, and MPLS
5. High availability with redundant power supplies and fans
6. Cisco NX-OS software with programmable APIs for easy management and automation.

Product Review

The Cisco N3K-C3132Q-X-OE boasts dual-speed 1/10/25/40/50 and 100 GbE performance, making it a powerful choice for demanding data center applications. Its 32 Ultra Low Latency (ULL) 25G ports are designed to maximize switching performance, providing superior latency which increases application performance. Furthermore, it also features both 32GB of buffering per port as well as up to 629Gbps of switching capacity that helps reduce switch congestion. These features make this product an ideal option for those wanting high speed, low latency and reliable performance in their network environment.


Cisco Nexus 3132Q-X-OE Switch is an ideal choice for an agile data center switch. It provides a top-of-the-line performance and services for enterprises, service providers, and even highly distributed environments. It is designed as a high-density, high-performance data center switch, offering 32 ports of 10/25Gbps Ethernet switching with up to 4 times the throughput density of the other Nexus switches. The N3K-C3132Q-X-OE features the powerful Cisco NX-OS Software with integrated Layer 2 and Layer 3 access control. It includes two built-in redundant power supplies, up to two optional FEX modules, and four 40GBASE-QSFP+ uplink ports. The N3K supports a wide range of Cisco technologies such as Cisco FabricPath, Cisco TrustSec, VXLAN routing and overlay transport virtualization, advanced quality of service (QoS), Flexible NetFlow (FNF), and more. It also supports smarter cloud deployments with policy-driven automation through REST/Python APIs and pre-validated system configurations available in Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architecture. Moreover, its hardware architecture includes dual power supplies and two FEXs with 32x10G or 25G SFP+ ports; 4x40GbE QSFP+ uplinks; Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) support; 2xPower Entry Module slots; 1GB of packet buffer memory; and low latency wire-speed packet switching capabilities. Cisco Nexus 3K series also provides superior reliability and scalability, allowing customers to easily incorporate the latest support for advanced layer 2/3 switching services like TRILL/FabricPath or top of rack configuration into their networks. Additionally, advanced technologies like Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), role based access control lists (RBACL) or Quality of Service (QoS) assurance help customers improve management from endpoints to application end points. Furthermore, an intuitive environment that takes advantage of the platform's Virtual Machine Autoscaling (VMAS) capabilities increases operational efficiency by safely scaling the workload appropriately per your business needs. Overall, the N3K-C3132Q-X-OE is a highly reliable, purpose built 10/25G data center switch that offers enterprise class performance with high throughput density along with superior scalability for various applications for enterprise and service provider network environments. This switch offers enhanced security through integrated technologies like RBACL and next generation security protocols and the virtualization process to provision faster services within minutes. This robust platform provides full compatibility with Cisco IOS, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), OpenFlow and other networks that leverage its capabilities. With superior performance and scalability above many competitive solutions in the market, the N3K-C3132Q-X-OE is an excellent choice for your upcoming data center switch needs.

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