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by Extreme
Product Line: Extreme 8000 Series
Product Type: switches
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Product Description

The EC8200A01-E6GS Extreme features 80 10GBASE-SFP+ ports and 4 40GBASE-QSFP+ ports for high-density networking, complemented by a single 10/100/1000BASE-T Out-Of-Band Management Port, one RJ-45 Console Port, and one USB 2.0 port for versatile connectivity options. It is equipped with a 2.56Tbps full-duplex Switch Fabric Architecture and supports a frame forwarding rate of 1,428Mpps per switch, ensuring efficient data processing and transfer. The unit includes MACsec support for 10 Gigabit ports, jumbo frame support up to 9,600 Bytes, and can accommodate up to 2 field-replaceable, hot-swappable AC or DC internal power supplies for full power redundancy, enhancing network security and performance reliability.

FAQs for the EC8200A01-E6GS

  • What power supply does the VSP 8284XSQ include, and can it support full power redundancy?
    The VSP 8284XSQ includes one 800 watt AC power supply. For full power redundancy, a second 800 W AC PSU can be installed.
  • How many 10GBASE-SFP+ ports are available on this device?
    There are 80 ports of 10GBASE-SFP+ available.
  • What type of management ports does the device feature?
    It features one 10/100/1000BASE-T Out-Of-Band Management Port, one RJ-45 Console Port, and one USB 2.0 port.
  • Can you specify the connector types for the power cords compatible with this device's power supply?
    The power supply side connector is C13, and the power source side connector is C14.
  • Are the fan modules in this device replaceable?
    Yes, the device comes with four field-replaceable fan modules.
  • What is the maximum frame rate the switch can forward?
    The frame forwarding rate is 1,428Mpps per switch.
  • Does the device support Jumbo Frame and, if yes, up to what size?
    Yes, it supports Jumbo Frame up to 9,600 Bytes (802.1Q Tagged).
  • How many MAC addresses can the device support?
    It can support up to 224,000 MAC addresses.
  • What is the switch fabric architecture of the VSP 8284XSQ?
    The switch fabric architecture is 2.56Tbps Full-Duplex.
  • How many MSTP instances can be supported?
    The device supports up to 12 MSTP instances.

Product Review

The Extreme EC8200A01-E6GS offers a high-density networking solution with 80 ports of 10GBASE-SFP+ and 4 ports of 40GBASE-QSFP+, accommodating substantial bandwidth requirements and future-proofing network infrastructure. However, the absence of a power cord for the replaceable 800-watt AC power supply may inconvenience some users, requiring additional purchases for deployment. It supports full power redundancy with an optional second PSU, includes MACsec support for enhanced security on 10 Gigabit ports, and features a high switch fabric architecture of 2.56Tbps Full-Duplex, ensuring efficient data handling and security measures for enterprise networks.


The Extreme EC8200A01-E6GS, also known as the VSP 8284XSQ, is a high-performance switch designed to meet the demanding needs of modern data centers and high-density networking environments. This device offers a comprehensive suite of hardware specifications tailored for enhanced networking capabilities, reliability, and scalability. Central to its design is the provision of 80 ports of 10GBASE-SFP+ and 4 ports of 40GBASE-QSFP+, enabling high-speed connections and efficient data transfer across the network. These ports support a wide range of optical transceivers, providing flexibility in connecting different network segments or devices. Additionally, the switch features one 10/100/1000BASE-T Out-Of-Band Management Port for remote management, one RJ-45 Console Port for local configuration and troubleshooting, and one USB 2.0 port for storage or firmware updates.
  • Switch Fabric Architecture: 2.56Tbps Full-Duplex, ensuring swift and efficient data handling and processing.
  • Frame forwarding rate: 1,428Mpps per Switch, facilitating rapid movement of packets within the network.
  • Jumbo Frame support: up to 9,600 Bytes (802.1Q Tagged), enabling the transmission of larger packets for improved network performance.
The EC8200A01-E6GS is equipped with a Base Software License, offering essential features and functionalities out of the box. For enhanced network security, it supports MACsec on its 10 Gigabit ports, providing encryption and protection against threats. Hardware reliability is a key focus of the EC8200A01-E6GS. It comes with one replaceable 800 watt AC power supply, and for full power redundancy, there is the option to install a second 800 W AC PSU. The switch supports up to 2 field-replaceable, hot-swappable AC or DC internal power supplies, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Power cords are designed with a length of 3 meters, featuring a C13 connector on the power supply side and a C14 connector on the power source side. Cooling is managed by four field-replaceable fan modules, maintaining optimal operating temperatures for the hardware components even under heavy load. This design ensures the longevity of the switch and reliable performance in various operational conditions. The EC8200A01-E6GS also supports advanced networking features such as the channelization of 40 Gigabit ports, allowing for efficient utilization of available bandwidth. It can store up to 224,000 MAC addresses and supports 12 MSTP (Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol) Instances, facilitating complex network configurations and enhancing network resilience. In summary, the Extreme EC8200A01-E6GS (VSP 8284XSQ) is engineered to provide high-speed connectivity, reliability, and flexibility for enterprise data centers and high-density networks. Its comprehensive set of features and hardware specifications make it a powerful solution for modern networking demands, offering advanced functionality and operational efficiency.


Part NumberEC8200A01-E6GS
AC Power SupplyIncluded 800W, AC type, power cord not included
10GbE SFP+ Ports80
40GbE QSFP+ Ports4
Management Port1 x 10/100/1000BASE-T
Console Interface1 x RJ-45
USB Interface1 x USB 2.0
Software LicenseBase level included
Cooling Fans4, replaceable
ModelVSP 8284XSQ includes one 800W AC Power Supply Unit
Power RedundancyOption to add a second 800W AC Power Supply for redundancy
Power Cords Length3 meters
Power Supply ConnectorC13
Power Source ConnectorC14
Power Supply OptionsSupports up to 2 internal, hot-swappable AC or DC Power Supplies
Connectivity80 x 10GBASE-SFP+ and 4 x 40GBASE-QSFP+
QSFP+ ChannelizationSupported
Switching Capacity2.56 Tbps Full-Duplex
Forwarding Rate1,428 Mpps
Jumbo FramesSupports up to 9,600 Bytes (802.1Q)
MACsecSupported on 10GbE ports
MAC Address Table Size224,000 entries
MSTP Instances12

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