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Product Line: F5 Networking BIG-IP series
Product Type: BIG-IP 6800
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Product Description

The F5 BIG-IP 6800 is a high-performance application delivery controller designed for large enterprises and service providers with demanding application workloads. This device provides advanced traffic management, security, and optimization features to ensure fast and secure application delivery.

Key Feature for the BIGIP-6800

1. Maximum throughput: 80 Gbps 
2. SSL TPS (2K Keys): 28,000 
3. Concurrent connections: 12 million 
4. Layer 7 requests per second (RPS): 1.5 million 
5. IPv4/IPv6 throughput: 40 Gbps/20 Gbps

Product Review

The F5 Networking BIGIP-6800 stands out from other options with its high end hardware capabilities. This device has 24GbE ports for higher bandwidth and improved performance, as well as a variety of 10G/25GBASE-T ports for more flexible connection options. With its 8TB SSD storage option, this model allows more power and speed for users needing data storage capabilities. The hardware features allow the BIGIP-6800 to be an ideal solution for large businesses, while providing maximum efficiency and performance.


The F5 Networking BIGIP-6800 is the latest hardware from F5 Networks, offering Greater speed, flexibility and scalability for a wide range of enterprise applications. This hardware provides features that are often seen in large enterprise networks, making it an excellent option for businesses looking for powerful networking technology. The F5 Networking BIGIP-6800 comes with a total of 32 40Gbps ports, giving a total of 1280Gbps of switching capacity. It also has 6 100Gbps ports, providing up to 600Gbps of throughput, allowing users to connect multiple devices and switch traffic between them seamlessly. All ports are adaptive and built to work with any type of media, including classic Ethernet and Token Ring. The F5 Networking BIGIP-6800 has a maximum switching latency of 250ns per hop, which makes it highly efficient at switching traffic. The hardware is built on a Unified GigaLb ASIC platform, which allows it to support Layer 2/3 switching in hardware as well as virtual local area network (VLAN) segmentation. Additionally, the hardware can be used in conjunction with software-defined networking (SDN) applications, making it easy to set up custom policies for different business functions. The F5 Networking BIGIP-6800 is powered by an ARMada A7045 processor running at 1GHz and has 1GB onboard RAM. It is outfitted with two solid-state drives (SSDs) for data storage and runs F5’s own operating system (OS). Additionally, the set up process is simplified with the inclusion of a plug-and-play web interface, allowing users to configure settings quickly and easily. Finally, the F5 Networking BIGIP-6800 also comes with an extensive suite of management and monitoring tools designed to ensure users can keep their networks running smoothly and securely. With support for multiple authentication protocols and advanced traffic routing capabilities, this hardware provides businesses with everything they need to set up powerful and highly secure networks.

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