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by Hp
Product Line: Hp Series
Product Type: SFP+ Module
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Product Description

The JF290A HP features 8 ports with a 10 Gigabit port speed, ensuring high-speed connectivity across networks. It supports Ethernet LAN data rates of 10/100/1000/10000 Mbit/s, accommodating a wide range of data transmission speeds. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the HP 7500 series, this device measures 355 mm in width, 377 mm in depth, and 40 mm in height, with a total weight of 3.16 kg.

FAQs for the JF290A

  • What is the port speed of this networking hardware?
    The port speed is 10 Gigabit.
  • Can the device with part number be mounted in any orientation due to its dimensions?
    No, the device should be mounted considering its dimensions of 355 mm x 377 mm x 40 mm for optimal performance.
  • What are the supported Ethernet LAN data rates?
    The supported Ethernet LAN data rates are 10/100/1000/10000 Mbit/s.
  • Is the hardware compatible with HP 7500 series?
    Yes, it is designed for use with the HP 7500 series.
  • How many ports does this device have?
    This device has 8 ports.
  • What is the weight of the device with the mentioned part number?
    The device weighs 3.16 kg.
  • Does it support automatic speed negotiation?
    Yes, it supports automatic speed negotiation for optimal performance.
  • What series is this device intended for use with, as per the part number?
    This device is intended for use with the HP 7500 series.
  • What is the height of the device?
    The height of the device is 40 mm.
  • Can this device operate in environments outside standard office temperatures?
    For specific environmental operating conditions, please refer to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Product Review

The HP JF290A offers 8 ports with a 10 Gigabit port speed, catering well to high-speed networking needs. Its compatibility with the HP 7500 series allows for seamless integration into existing setups. However, its physical dimensions and weight of 3.16 kg might require careful consideration for rack space planning and installation.


The HP JF290A is a high-performance networking module designed to enhance the capabilities of the HP 7500 series switches. It comes equipped with eight ports that support a port speed of 10 Gigabit, making it an ideal choice for environments that demand high bandwidth and fast data transfer rates. This module is specifically engineered to facilitate efficient network operations and is capable of handling Ethernet LAN data rates of 10/100/1000/10000 Mbit/s, ensuring versatility and compatibility with a wide range of network demands. With its compact size, measuring 355 mm in width, 377 mm in depth, and 40 mm in height, the HP JF290A is designed to fit seamlessly into existing network infrastructures without requiring excessive space. Despite its relatively small size, it packs a significant punch in terms of performance and reliability. The unit weighs 3.16 kg, indicating a solid build quality that is expected from a networking device designed for enterprise environments. The compatibility of the HP JF290A with HP 7500 series switches allows for a streamlined integration process, enabling network administrators to expand their network's capabilities with ease. This module is an excellent choice for businesses looking to upgrade their existing infrastructure to support higher data rates and improve overall network performance. Key specifications include: -
  • Number of Ports: 8
  • Port Speed: 10 Gigabit
  • Ethernet LAN Data Rates: 10/100/1000/10000 Mbit/s
These features underscore the HP JF290A's ability to handle demanding network environments, providing ample bandwidth for data-intensive applications and ensuring smooth, efficient operations. Whether it's used in a corporate data center, educational institution, or any other setting where network performance is critical, this module delivers the speed, reliability, and scalability needed to meet modern networking requirements. In summary, the HP JF290A is a powerful addition to the HP 7500 series switches, offering advanced networking features in a compact and durable package. Its high port speed, broad compatibility with various Ethernet LAN data rates, and straightforward integration with HP 7500 series devices make it a versatile and valuable component for any network looking to enhance its performance and reliability. Whether upgrading an existing setup or building a new network from scratch, the HP JF290A provides the capabilities needed to support the most demanding data environments.


Item Number HP JF290A
Produced by HP
Total Ports 8
Port Capability 10Gbps
Supported LAN Speeds 10/100/1000/10000 Mbps
Width 355 mm
Length 377 mm
Thickness 40 mm
Mass 3.16 kg
Compatibility Compatible with HP 7500 series

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