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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Networks
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Juniper CHAS-BP-MX480-S is a high-performance router designed for use in large-scale enterprise networks. It features a compact design and provides a scalable solution for businesses looking to manage their data, voice, and video traffic. With its advanced routing features, the CHAS-BP-MX480-S is able to support complex network configurations and offer robust security and reliability. Additionally, the router offers full support for IPv6 and a range of routing protocols, making it a versatile choice for modern networks.

Key Feature for the CHAS-BP-MX480-S

1. Maximum Throughput: 6 Gbps
2. Interface Capacity: 2,048 Gbps
3. Routing Engine: 2 x RE-S-2000
4. Power Supply: 2 x AC or DC
5. Network Services: MPLS, VPN, Firewall
6. Operating System: Junos OS

Product Review

The Juniper CHAS-BP-MX480-S is a reliable and efficient router that has been well received by customers. Its advanced features make it ideal for large enterprises and its compact design makes it easy to install in a variety of environments. Overall, the CHAS-BP-MX480-S is a top-performing router that is highly recommended for those in need of a scalable and secure networking solution.


The Juniper CHAS-BP-MX480-S is a secure, industry-leading 10Gbps Ethernet router that offers highly efficient and secure routing with excellent port density and serviceability. The router provides up to eight major interface types, including MXSeries Ethernet Line Cards (MELCs) and a single versatile line card (VLC). These cards are offered in a variety of speeds to meet the needs of organizations with demanding traffic requirements. They support up to three Tb/s throughput per slot, as well as optional network synchronization for added resiliency. Each card is hot swappable to ensure maximum uptime. The device also offers a routing engine capable of powering up to 240K IPv4 routes, 120K IPv6 routes, and 30K multicast routes. It is equipped with up to 32GB DRAM and 16GB NVRAM for high-performance routing and control plane data processing. For even greater expansibility and flexibility, the device includes four shared packet forwarding engines (PFEs) for each interface type. This ensures more efficient traffic management, better resource utilization, higher scalability, and improved packet performance. The Router's system fabric has emighty ASICs that provide a non-blocking backplane supporting up to 11Tbps of forwarding capacity. This elevated capacity allows networks to handle both wired and wireless environments while providing uninterrupted high-speed throughput. Redundant fans, power supplies, and control boards are offered to increase critical system resilience. In addition, users receive access to Juniper Network Management tools such as Junos Space Secure Insight or Connectivity Director which aids in the troubleshooting process on the system, allowing IT managers to quickly diagnose problems inside their networks. This router is certified for most of the industry standard protocols, ensuring seamless integration into most existing environments. With these features combined, the Juniper CHAS-BP-MX480-S offers robust high-performance networking for mission-critical network designs with guaranteed throughput and low latency in environments that are continuously evolving.

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