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Product Line: Juniper Networks
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

Juniper Networks MX-MPC3E-3D is a high-performance router designed for service providers and enterprise networks. It offers a range of routing, switching, and security features that can be customized to meet the specific needs of a network. With its compact form factor, the MX-MPC3E-3D is ideal for space-constrained environments, such as data centers and network closets. The router also supports advanced services, such as VPN, Quality of Service (QoS), and network virtualization, to help ensure reliable and secure network performance.

Key Feature for the MXMPC3E3D

1. Network Interfaces: The MXMPC3E3D supports a variety of interfaces, including Ethernet, SONET/SDH, and Fiber Channel, to meet the needs of different network environments.
2. Switching Performance: The router is capable of delivering up to 480 Gbps of switching capacity, making it ideal for demanding network environments.
3. Routing Protocols: The MXMPC3E3D supports a wide range of routing protocols, including OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, and RIP, to provide flexible routing options.
4. Security: The router provides robust security features, such as firewall and VPN, to help protect against unauthorized access and other security threats.
5. Network Virtualization: The MXMPC3E3D supports network virtualization, such as VLANs and VRFs, to help increase network efficiency and reduce costs.
6. Management: The router provides a range of management options, including command-line interface, web interface, and SNMP, to make it easy to manage and monitor the network.

Product Review

The Juniper Networks MXMPC3E3D is a high-performing router that is well-suited for demanding network environments. Its compact form factor makes it ideal for space-constrained environments, and its advanced features, such as VPN and network virtualization, help ensure reliable and secure network performance. Overall, users appreciate the router's flexibility and the range of management options available, which make it easy to manage and monitor the network.


Juniper Networks MXMPC3E3D is an advanced modular router that is designed to deliver high-performance routing, switching and security in metro networks. It is a 3 rack unit unit that includes three Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) and a Control Board. The MXMPC3E3D offers 64Gbps of fabric capacity and supports up to 504 10Gbps ports and 192 1 Gbps ports for scalable Metro Ethernet services. The MXMPC3E3D features the dynamic MPC 3E featuring the Intel Xeon processor. This high-performance chipset provides powerful item and packet processing capabilities for extensive filtering and other Layer 2, Layer 3 and security features. The chipset is capable of running up to 50,000 simultaneous TCP connections per second to guarantee performance when operating under heavy network traffic. Furthermore, it supports extremely low latency with sub-microsecond transmission speeds. In addition to its powerful processor, the router comes with 16GB of DRAM (DDR4) to reduce processes related wait times. With 16GB of DRAM, the MXMPC3E3D can handle more than 32 million IPv6 routing entries at any given time. The memory can be upgraded to 48GB with optional external memory expansion modules. These modules increase the router's capacity significantly and make it suitable for even the most demanding network environments. The MXMPC3E3D also offers comprehensive Layer 2/Layer 3/MPLS VPN services as well as Juniper's advanced networking services (ANS). ANS includes Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), Multicast VPNs (MVPNs); Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE); Enhanced High Availability & Resiliency; Quality of Service (QoS); Security Policies, Traffic Shaping & Policing and CLI scripting for enhanced control. Overall, Juniper Networks MXMPC3E3D offers an unbeatable combination of powerful processing, large memory amounts and comprehensive Layer 2/Layer 3/MPLS functions to support your metro network needs.

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