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Product Line: Mellanox MIS5022Q-1BFR
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The MIS5022Q-1BFR Mellanox is an InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch featuring 8 QSFP non-blocking ports with an aggregate data throughput up to 640 Gb/s, and a port-to-port latency of less than 100ns. This switch supports both passive and active copper or fiber cables, offering flexibility in connectivity through its QSFP connectors and can be remotely managed, ensuring efficient network management. Designed for high performance, it operates within a temperature range of 0ºC to 45ºC and supports adaptive routing, with a typical power consumption of 46W for passive cables and 66W for active cables.

Key Feature for the MIS5022Q-1BFR

  • What is the aggregate data throughput of the InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch?
    The aggregate data throughput is up to 640 Gb/s.
  • How many QSFP ports does this device have?
    It has 8 QSFP non-blocking ports.
  • What is the port-to-port latency for the InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch?
    The latency is less than 100ns.
  • What types of cables can be used with the InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch?
    It supports passive/active copper or fiber cables, and fiber media adapters.
  • What are the power consumption values for passive and active cables?
    Passive cable - 46W, Active cable - 66W.
  • How does the InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch handle cooling?
    It features a remotely managed connector side airflow outlet.
  • What is the operating temperature range for the InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch?
    Operating temperature ranges from 0ºC to 45ºC.
  • Can the InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch be used at high altitudes?
    Yes, it can operate at altitudes from -60 to 2000m.
  • What is the noise level of the InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch?
    The noise level is 57.3 dB.
  • Does the InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch support adaptive routing?
    Yes, it supports adaptive routing.

Product Review

The Mellanox MIS5022Q-1BFR InfiniBand Switch offers an impressive aggregate data throughput of 640 Gb/s and sub-100ns port-to-port latency, making it suitable for high-performance computing environments. However, its reliance on a single power supply could pose a risk for mission-critical applications requiring redundant power sources. Additionally, while the switch supports both passive and active cables, its noise level of 57.3 dB may be a consideration for deployments in noise-sensitive environments.


The Mellanox MIS5022Q-1BFR is an InfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand switch designed for high-performance computing, storage, and data center environments. This switch features eight QSFP ports that support non-blocking connectivity, ensuring efficient data flow and high throughput. With an aggregate data throughput capability of up to 640 Gb/s, this switch is engineered to meet the demands of intensive data workloads. Key specifications of the Mellanox MIS5022Q-1BFR include: - Eight QSFP non-blocking ports that deliver a total switching capacity of 640Gb/s, facilitating rapid data transfer and reducing bottlenecks in network performance. - Port-to-port latency is less than 100ns, minimizing delay and enhancing the performance of real-time applications. - It supports 9 virtual lanes (8 data and 1 management), allowing for efficient data management and prioritization. The switch is designed for flexibility in connectivity options, supporting both passive and active copper or fiber cables, as well as fiber media adapters. This enables seamless integration into a variety of network infrastructures and supports a range of distance and bandwidth requirements. The QSFP connectors further ensure high-density port configuration while maintaining a compact form factor. Management and routing features include adaptive routing and an I²C (RJ45) management port, facilitating remote management and configuration. This ensures that network administrators can efficiently manage traffic and adapt to changing network conditions, improving overall network reliability and performance. The Mellanox MIS5022Q-1BFR operates within a wide range of environmental conditions. It is designed for an operating temperature range of 0ºC to 45ºC and a non-operating temperature range of -40ºC to 70ºC. The operating humidity range is from 10% to 90%, non-condensing, and it can operate at altitudes from -60 to 2000 meters. Despite its high performance, the switch maintains a noise level of 57.3 dB, making it suitable for office environments as well as data centers. Power efficiency is a key consideration in the design of the Mellanox MIS5022Q-1BFR. It has an input range of 100 - 240VAC and operates on a 50-60Hz, single-phase AC power supply. Typical power consumption varies with the type of cable used; passive cables result in a typical power consumption of 46W, while active cables increase consumption to 66W. This flexibility allows organizations to balance performance and power efficiency based on their specific needs. In summary, the Mellanox MIS5022Q-1BFR InfiniBand switch provides a high-performance, scalable, and efficient solution for modern data centers and high-performance computing environments. Its high throughput, low latency, and flexible connectivity options, combined with efficient power consumption and robust environmental tolerances, make it a versatile and reliable choice for a wide range of networking applications.


Part NumberMellanox MIS5022Q-1BFR
ManufacturerMellanox Technologies
Product LineInfiniScale® IV QDR InfiniBand Switch
QSFP Ports8
Power Supplies1
ManagementCan be managed remotely, airflow exits on the connector side
Port Configuration8 QSFP ports, non-blocking
Total ThroughputMaximum 640 Gbps
Latency per PortLess than 100 nanoseconds
Virtual Lanes9 (8 for data, 1 for management)
Management InterfaceI²C (RJ45)
Connector TypeQSFP
Supported CablesCopper or fiber, active/passive
Media AdaptersFor fiber
Voltage Input100 - 240VAC
AC Frequency50-60Hz, single phase
Power Consumption46W with passive, 66W with active cables
Switching Capacity640 Gbps
Operating Temperature0ºC to 45ºC
Storage Temperature-40ºC to 70ºC
Operating Humidity10% to 90%, non-condensing
Operating Altitude-60 to 2000 meters
Acoustic Noise57.3 dB

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