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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper MX Series Series
Product Type: CFP2 transceiver module
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Product Description

The TCFP2-100G-C Juniper is a wired plug-in module designed for high-speed network connectivity, supporting a 100 Gigabit Ethernet data link protocol with a data transfer rate of 100 Gbps. It features an interface of 1 x 100Gb Ethernet - LC/UPC female x 2, accommodated within physical dimensions of 17.5” (W) x 62.5” (H) x 33.1” (D) and a maximum weight of 1,294 lbs (587.0 kg). Operating efficiently, it has a power system rating of 92.5A @ -48 VDC per input and a typical power consumption of 10.5 kW when fully loaded, with an operating temperature range from 32°F to 104°F.

FAQs for the TCFP2-100G-C

  • What is the data transfer rate of the networking hardware?
    The data transfer rate is 100 Gbps.
  • Can you provide the form factor for part number XYZ?
    The form factor is a plug-in module.
  • What type of connectivity technology does the device support?
    It supports wired connectivity technology.
  • What are the physical dimensions of part number XYZ?
    The dimensions are 17.5” (W) x 62.5” (H) x 33.1” (D).
  • What is the maximum weight of the networking hardware?
    The maximum weight is 1,294 lbs (587.0 kg).
  • What power system rating does part number XYZ have?
    The power system rating is 92.5A @ -48 VDC per input.
  • What is the typical power consumption of the device?
    The typical power consumption is 10.5 kW when fully loaded.
  • What operating temperature range does part number XYZ support?
    The operating temperature range is from 32°F to 104°F.
  • What type of interface does the networking hardware have?
    It has 1 x 100Gb Ethernet - LC/UPC female x 2 interface.
  • What data link protocol does part number XYZ use?
    It uses the 100 Gigabit Ethernet data link protocol.

Product Review

The Juniper TCFP2-100G-C offers high-speed data transfer rates of 100 Gbps, catering to the demands of modern, high-bandwidth applications. However, its physical dimensions and weight may pose challenges for deployment in space-constrained environments. Additionally, the device's power consumption, at 10.5 kW when fully loaded, necessitates careful consideration of cooling and power infrastructure in data centers.


The Juniper TCFP2-100G-C is a high-capacity, 100 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver designed for seamless integration into networking infrastructures that demand high-speed data transfer capabilities. This plug-in module is engineered to support a wide array of networking and connectivity applications, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in various operating environments. At the core of its design, the TCFP2-100G-C utilizes wired connectivity technology to facilitate a data link protocol of 100 Gigabit Ethernet, a standard that ensures fast and secure data transmission across network interfaces. The device boasts a remarkable data transfer rate of 100 Gbps, making it an ideal solution for data centers, large enterprise networks, and service provider infrastructures that require rapid data throughput and low latency communication. Physical specifications of the Juniper TCFP2-100G-C include a width of 17.5 inches, a height of 62.5 inches, and a depth of 33.1 inches. Despite its substantial size, the module maintains a maximum weight of 1,294 lbs (587.0 kg), indicative of its solid construction and the quality of materials used in its manufacture. The device's power system is rated at 92.5A @ -48 VDC per input, with a typical power consumption of 10.5 kW when fully loaded. This power efficiency is critical for maintaining operational cost-effectiveness in high-demand network environments. Key hardware specifications are as follows: - Interfaces include 1 x 100Gb Ethernet - LC/UPC female x 2, ensuring compatibility with standard networking cables and facilitating easy installation and maintenance. - The device operates efficiently within a temperature range of 32°F to 104°F, guaranteeing reliability across a broad spectrum of environmental conditions. - The power requirements and physical dimensions underscore the module's design for high-performance networking tasks, with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. The Juniper TCFP2-100G-C represents a significant advancement in networking hardware, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern data transmission tasks. Its high data transfer rate, coupled with the reliability and efficiency of its design, makes it a critical component for any organization looking to bolster its network infrastructure with cutting-edge technology. Whether deployed in a data center, enterprise network, or service provider environment, the TCFP2-100G-C is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and scalability.


Product ID Juniper TCFP2-100G-C
Connection Type Cabled
Link Protocol 100GbE
Rate of Data Transmission 100 Gigabits per second
Module Type Insertable component
Port Configuration Single 100Gb Ethernet - Dual LC/UPC female
Protocol for Data Link 100Gb Ethernet
Bandwidth 100 Gbps
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 17.5” x 62.5” x 33.1”
Max Weight 1,294 pounds (587.0 kg)
Power Input Rating 92.5A at -48 VDC per input
Power Consumption (Max) 10.5 kW when fully operational
Minimum Operating Temperature 32°F
Maximum Operating Temperature 104°F

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