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by Hp
Product Line: Hp Series
Product Type: Managed Switch
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Product Description

The 670769-B21 HP is designed with a subtype InfiniBand interface, equipped with 36 FDR QSFP ports that support both FDR InfiniBand copper and fiber optic cables. This hardware ensures high-speed data transfer and connectivity options for diverse networking needs. It also features dual power supplies to provide redundancy for continuous operation.

FAQs for the 670769-B21

  • What is the primary function of InfiniBand hardware with 36 FDR QSFP ports?
    The primary function is to facilitate high-speed data transfer and communication between servers and storage systems using InfiniBand technology, which supports both copper and fiber optic cables.
  • How does the product support redundancy?
    It includes dual power supplies, ensuring continuous operation in case one power supply fails.
  • Are both copper and fiber optic cables compatible with this InfiniBand hardware?
    Yes, it supports FDR InfiniBand copper cables and fiber optic cables, offering flexibility in connectivity options.
  • What advantages do FDR QSFP ports offer?
    FDR QSFP ports provide high data transfer rates, making them suitable for networks that require fast communication between devices.
  • Can this product be integrated into an existing network?
    Yes, due to its support for both copper and fiber optic cables, it can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures with FDR InfiniBand connectivity.
  • What does it mean to have 36 FDR QSFP ports?
    Having 36 FDR QSFP ports means the device can handle up to 36 connections simultaneously, offering significant bandwidth for high-performance computing environments.
  • Is it suitable for environments requiring high data transfer speeds?
    Yes, with its support for FDR InfiniBand, it is designed for scenarios where high data transfer speeds are critical.
  • How does the dual power supply feature enhance the system’s reliability?
    By providing an alternate power source, the dual power supply ensures the system remains operational even if one power supply unit fails, thereby enhancing overall reliability.
  • What type of applications benefit most from using this InfiniBand hardware?
    Applications that require high bandwidth and low latency, such as high-performance computing, data centers, and storage networks, will benefit significantly from this hardware.
  • Is professional installation required for this InfiniBand hardware?
    While professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance and compatibility, individuals with technical expertise in networking may also successfully install it.

Product Review

The HP 670769-B21 offers reliable connectivity with its 36 FDR QSFP ports, accommodating both copper and fiber optic cables for flexible installation options. Dual power supplies enhance system reliability through redundancy, ensuring network uptime in critical environments. However, the specificity to FDR InfiniBand may limit its application in environments not utilizing this technology, potentially restricting its versatility in mixed-network scenarios.


The HP 670769-B21 is a high-performance networking hardware designed specifically for advanced computing environments. It falls under the InfiniBand subtype, known for its high throughput and low latency, making it an ideal choice for data centers and enterprises that demand efficient data transfer and communication between servers and storage systems. Central to its design are 36 FDR (Fourteen Data Rate) QSFP (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) ports, which are instrumental in delivering high-speed connectivity. These ports support FDR InfiniBand copper cables, enabling direct attachment copper connections that are cost-effective and efficient for short-distance communications. Additionally, the device's compatibility with fiber optic cables allows for flexible deployment in environments where longer distance communication is necessary, ensuring that the switch can be integrated into a wide range of networking infrastructures without the need for multiple hardware devices. The HP 670769-B21 is equipped with dual power supplies to ensure redundancy. This feature is crucial for maintaining network uptime and reliability, as it provides a backup in the event of a power supply failure, minimizing the risk of network downtime and ensuring continuous operation. This redundancy is particularly important in environments where network availability is critical to business operations, such as in financial institutions and large-scale data centers. Key hardware specifications include:
  • InfiniBand Subtype: Designed for environments where high throughput and low latency are essential.
  • 36 FDR QSFP Ports: Offers high-speed connectivity through both copper and fiber optic cables, accommodating diverse networking needs.
  • Dual Power Supplies: Ensures network reliability and continuous operation through power supply redundancy.
The HP 670769-B21's design prioritizes both performance and flexibility. Its support for FDR InfiniBand copper and fiber optic cables provides a versatile solution for connecting servers and storage units in various configurations, catering to the specific needs of each deployment. Whether the situation calls for short-distance, cost-effective connections or longer-distance, high-speed networking, this hardware is equipped to handle it efficiently. Moreover, the inclusion of dual power supplies not only enhances the system's reliability but also its longevity, protecting the investment in critical networking infrastructure. By ensuring that the network remains operational even in the face of hardware failures, businesses can avoid costly downtime and maintain continuous access to essential data and applications. In summary, the HP 670769-B21 stands out as a powerful and reliable solution for advanced computing environments. Its support for high-speed InfiniBand connections, along with its flexible connectivity options and built-in redundancy features, make it a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing data center and enterprise network performance. Whether deployed in high-demand financial services, large-scale data centers, or any other environment where efficiency and reliability are paramount, this networking hardware delivers the necessary capabilities to support critical operations.


Item Code 670769-B21
Brand HP
Connection Type InfiniBand FDR
Port Count 36 QSFP FDR Ports
Compatibility Supports both copper and fiber optic InfiniBand cables
Power Equipped with dual supplies for backup

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