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by Avocent
Product Line: Avocent ACS6008MDAC
Product Type: remote access
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Product Description

The Avocent ACS6008MDAC is a console server designed to provide secure, remote access to IT devices. It is an ideal solution for managing data centers and branch offices, and is capable of connecting to up to eight serial devices. The console server provides secure, remote access via SSH, Telnet, and web browser, and supports up to 64 user accounts.

Key Feature for the ACS6008MDAC

1. 8 serial device ports 
2. Dual Ethernet ports for network redundancy 
3. Secure remote access via SSH, Telnet, and web browser 
4. Support for up to 64 user accounts 
5. Enhanced security features, including RADIUS, LDAP, and TACACS+ authentication 
6. Dual AC power supplies for redundancy

Product Review

The Avocent ACS6008MDAC is an advanced console server known for its powerful hardware. It features an innovative 8-bay modular chassis design that makes it easily upgradable over time, making it a perfect fit for data centers of any size. In addition, it offers an unprecedented 8 serial ports, allowing users to consolidate multiple remote devices into a single platform. Lastly, the device comes with up to 512GB of RAM, giving it the capability to securely manage and control thousands of endpoints through a single interface. The advanced hardware features included in the Avocent ACS6008MDAC make it a powerful and flexible new solution in this space.


The Avocent ACS6008MDAC is an advanced automated computer system built with the latest hardware technology. This 8U rack-mountable system provides an ideal solution for managing large-scale IT infrastructures, such as data centers, corporate networks, and more. It offers superior performance, power efficiency, and reliability, even in the most demanding computing environments. This system boasts 8 processor sockets that support dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processor-based nodes with up to 28 cores per processor and up to 3TB of memory. The Avocent ACS6008MDAC also features 12G SAS or NVMe drive technology with up to 88TB of internal storage capacity. With dual 10Gb Ethernet ports, this system delivers superior network performance and can be used for local and remote data sharing, backup, and recovery. This system also supports advanced technologies like ECC memory and hybrid RAID configurations for maximum data integrity and optimal performance. With its integrated vKVM Manager software, users can access a range of remote management functions including firmware upgrades, system performance monitoring, power management, keyboard/mouse redirection, and system information gathering from anywhere in the world. For added security, the Avocent ACS6008MDAC includes a PCI Express card with up to five ports that include USB 3.0 Type-A connectors for hard drives and peripherals. The ACS6008MDAC also features a USB 3.0 port for system booting and network port failover, ensuring business continuity and high levels of system availability. The Avocent ACS6008MDAC is the ideal choice for businesses seeking an advanced automated computer system that provides superior performance, power efficiency, reliability, and scalability. Boasting an impressive list of hardware specifications, it is designed to handle any IT infrastructure task with ease, giving businesses peace of mind when it comes to their computer systems.

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