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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR1000X-AC-1100W
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The ASR1000X-AC-1100W power supply provides an AC output power of 1100 W, operating within a voltage range of 90 VAC to 264 VAC, with a DC output voltage of 12 V. It supports a current rating of 15 A for its connectors and is designed for use with Cisco ASR 1009-X and Cisco ASR 1006-X routers. This unit features multiple hot-pluggable configurations, FAIL and OK LEDs for status indication, and is compatible with power cords CAB-L620P-C13-US, CAB-C13-C14-AC, and CAB-AC.

Key Feature for the ASR1000X-AC-1100W

  • What is the output power of the AC/DC power supply?
    The output power is 1100 W.
  • Which routers is this power supply compatible with?
    It is for use with Cisco ASR 1009-X and Cisco ASR 1006-X routers.
  • What is the range of operating AC voltage for the AC/DC power supply?
    The operating AC voltage range is from 90 VAC to 264 VAC.
  • Can the AC/DC power supply be hot-plugged?
    Yes, it supports multiple hot-pluggable configurations.
  • What is the DC output voltage of the power supply?
    The DC output voltage is 12 V.
  • What does the LED indication mean on the power supply?
    The LEDs indicate "FAIL" for a malfunction and "OK" for normal operation.
  • What is the current rating of the connector for the AC/DC power supply?
    The current rating of the connector is 15 A.
  • What power cords support the AC/DC power supply?
    It supports CAB-L620P-C13-US, CAB-C13-C14-AC, and CAB-AC power cords.
  • Is there a specific configuration requirement for the AC/DC power supply?
    Yes, it requires a specific configuration to support the Cisco ASR 1009-X and ASR 1006-X routers.
  • What is the significance of the AC/DC power supply's minimum and maximum operating AC voltages?
    These voltages ensure the power supply operates efficiently across various power sources, from 90 VAC to 264 VAC.

Product Review

The Cisco ASR1000X-AC-1100W power supply supports a wide operating AC voltage range from 90 VAC to 264 VAC, ensuring compatibility with various electrical standards worldwide. Its ability to output 1100 W and support for multiple hot-pluggable configurations enhances system reliability and flexibility for Cisco ASR 1009-X and ASR 1006-X routers. However, the reliance on specific power cords (CAB-L620P-C13-US, CAB-C13-C14-AC, CAB-AC) may limit replacement options in environments lacking immediate access to Cisco-certified accessories.


The Cisco ASR1000X-AC-1100W power supply is engineered to deliver efficient power distribution and operational reliability for the Cisco ASR 1009-X and Cisco ASR 1006-X routers. This power supply module is designed with a focus on flexibility and uptime, ensuring that your networking hardware receives consistent power, vital for maintaining uninterrupted services in enterprise and service provider networks. Operating within a broad AC voltage range, from a minimum of 90 VAC to a maximum of 264 VAC, the ASR1000X-AC-1100W accommodates varying power inputs, making it a versatile solution for global use. Its output power capacity stands at 1100 W, providing ample power to support the demands of high-performance routers. The DC output voltage is regulated at 12 V, ensuring a stable supply for critical components. One of the key features of this power supply is its support for multiple hot-pluggable configurations. This allows for seamless power supply replacements or upgrades without interrupting network services, a critical feature for maintaining high availability and minimizing downtime in mission-critical environments. The unit is designed with simplicity and ease of monitoring in mind, indicated by the FAIL and OK LEDs. These indicators provide immediate visual feedback on the operational status of the power supply, allowing for rapid diagnostics and troubleshooting when necessary. Furthermore, the current rating of the connector is set at 15 A, ensuring compatibility with high-power input requirements. The ASR1000X-AC-1100W is compatible with a variety of power cords, specifically the CAB-L620P-C13-US, CAB-C13-C14-AC, and CAB-AC. This compatibility ensures that the power supply can be easily integrated into different setups and geographical regions without the need for additional adapters or modifications. Key hardware specifications include: -
  • AC/DC AC power input with an output power of 1100 W.
  • Minimum operating AC voltage of 90 VAC and a maximum of 264 VAC.
  • DC output voltage set at 12 V for stable component supply.
Designed specifically for use with Cisco ASR 1009-X and Cisco ASR 1006-X routers, this power supply underscores Cisco's commitment to reliability and performance. Its engineering ensures that it not only meets the power requirements of these routers but also provides a level of redundancy and resilience expected in modern networking environments. In conclusion, the Cisco ASR1000X-AC-1100W power supply is an essential component for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of your network's power infrastructure. With its broad voltage input range, high output power, and support for hot-pluggable configurations, this power supply module stands out as a versatile and dependable solution for powering Cisco ASR 1009-X and ASR 1006-X routers. Whether deploying in a data center, enterprise, or service provider network, this power supply is built to support the critical operations of your networking hardware.


Item Number and Producer Cisco ASR1000X-AC-1100W
Power Type AC
Output Power Capability 1100 Watts
Lowest AC Input Voltage 90 Volts AC
Highest AC Input Voltage 264 Volts AC
DC Output Voltage Level 12 Volts
Module Configuration Supports Multiple, Hot-Swappable Units
Status Indicators FAIL and OK Signals
Connector's Current Specification 15 Amperes
Compatible Power Cables CAB-L620P-C13-US, CAB-C13-C14-AC, CAB-AC
Compatibility Designed for Cisco ASR 1009-X and ASR 1006-X Routers

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