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Product Line: Mellanox Technologies SN2700 Series
Product Type: Switch Systems
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Product Description

The SN2700 Mellanox Technologies switch offers versatile connectivity options including 10/25/40/50/56/100GbE speeds, supporting high-density configurations with QSFP breakout cables for 100GbE to 4x25GbE and 40GbE to 4x10GbE. It delivers robust performance with a throughput of 6.4Tb/s and 4.76 billion packets per second (Bpps), and supports advanced networking features such as Multi Chassis LAG (MLAG), VLAN 802.1Q, and comprehensive IPv4 & IPv6 routing capabilities. Designed for efficiency, it operates within a power envelope of 150W at typical conditions, with dimensions of 1.72’’ (43.8mm) H x 16.84’’ (427.83mm) W x 27’’ (686mm) D and a weight of 11.1kg (24.5lb), making it an environmentally conscious choice that does not compromise on performance or scalability.

FAQs for the SN2700

  • What is Multi Chassis LAG (MLAG) and how does it enhance network performance?
    MLAG allows for the combination of multiple physical links into a single logical link between two devices, improving bandwidth and providing redundancy to enhance network performance.
  • Does the device support both IGMP V2 and V3 for snooping and querier functions?
    Yes, the device supports IGMP V2/V3 for snooping and querier functionalities, enabling efficient multicast traffic management.
  • How many VLANs does VLAN 802.1Q support?
    VLAN 802.1Q supports up to 4,000 VLANs, allowing for extensive network segmentation and management.
  • Can you explain the Q-In-Q feature?
    Q-In-Q extends VLAN space by allowing multiple VLAN tags in a single Ethernet frame, effectively nesting one VLAN inside another.
  • Is 802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol supported for network redundancy?
    Yes, the device supports 802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol, ensuring loop-free network topology and quick recovery from failures.
  • What measures are in place to prevent network loops and protect against BPDU-related issues?
    Loop Guard and BPDU Guard features are implemented to prevent network loops and protect against Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) related issues.
  • What range of Ethernet speeds does the device support?
    The device supports a range of Ethernet speeds including 10/25/40/50/56/100 Gigabit Ethernet, accommodating various network bandwidth requirements.
  • Does the device support Jumbo Frames?
    Yes, the device supports Jumbo Frames up to 9216 bytes, allowing for more efficient data transmission by increasing the payload size.
  • How many Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) instances can be created?
    The device supports up to 64 VRF instances, enabling isolated routing environments within the same physical device.
  • What type of routing protocols are supported?
    The device supports IPv4 & IPv6 routing, including route maps, BGP4, and OSPFv2, as well as DHCPv4/v6 Relay, providing comprehensive routing capabilities.

Product Review

The Mellanox Technologies SN2700 switch offers a flexible range of Ethernet speeds, including 10/25/40/50/56/100GbE, catering to diverse network demands and facilitating high throughput at 6.4Tb/s and 4.76 billion packets per second. It supports advanced networking features such as Multi Chassis LAG (MLAG), comprehensive VLAN, spanning tree protocols, and both IPv4 & IPv6 routing, making it suitable for complex network architectures. However, its power consumption at 150W with passive cables and a weight of 11.1kg may be considered high for some deployments, necessitating careful consideration of power efficiency and rack space.


The Mellanox Technologies SN2700 switch presents a high-performance networking solution, catering to a wide range of data speeds and connectivity requirements. This switch is designed to support configurations of 10, 25, 40, 50, 56, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), providing flexible options for network architects. The hardware is optimized for high throughput, with a capacity of 6.4 Terabits per second (Tb/s) and processing up to 4.76 billion packets per second (Bpps), ensuring efficient data flow across networks. Key features of the SN2700 include support for Multi Chassis LAG (MLAG), enhancing network resilience and bandwidth through link aggregation across multiple switches. The switch supports Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Versions 2 and 3, with snooping and querier capabilities, facilitating efficient multicast traffic management. For network segmentation and security, the SN2700 offers VLAN 802.1Q with up to 4,000 VLAN IDs, and Q-in-Q tunneling, allowing for layer 2 domain isolation. The SN2700 is equipped with advanced routing features including support for both IPv4 and IPv6, with 64 Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) instances for multi-tenancy environments. Routing protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) and Open Shortest Path First version 2 (OSPFv2) are supported, alongside route maps for customized routing policies. It also provides DHCP relay for both versions 4 and 6, facilitating dynamic IP address allocation across networks. Redundancy and network stability are addressed through features like 802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree, Loop Guard, and BPDU Guard, preventing network loops and ensuring reliable connectivity. The switch also supports Jumbo Frames up to 9216 bytes, enabling efficient large data packet transmission. From a hardware perspective, the Mellanox SN2700 offers a typical power consumption of 150W with passive cables, according to ATIS standards. It operates within a power input range of 100-127 VAC and 200-240VAC, at a frequency of 50-60Hz. The single-phase AC power requires 4.5A at 100-127VAC and 2.9A at 200-240VAC. The physical dimensions of the switch are 1.72 inches in height, 16.84 inches in width, and 27 inches in depth, with a weight of 11.1kg (24.5lb), making it suitable for standard rack mounting.
  • QSFP breakout cables compatibility, enabling 100GbE to 4x25GbE and 40GbE to 4x10GbE connections, both with Direct Attach Copper (DAC) and optical options.
  • 64-way Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP), enhancing route diversity and network efficiency.
  • RoHS compliance, adhering to restrictions on hazardous substances, making it an environmentally friendly choice for networking hardware.
In summary, the Mellanox Technologies SN2700 is engineered for high-capacity, high-performance networking environments. Its comprehensive feature set, including advanced routing, network segmentation, and traffic management capabilities, along with its flexible connectivity options, make it a versatile choice for data centers, enterprise networks, and cloud computing infrastructures seeking efficient and reliable network operations.


Product NumberMellanox Technologies SN2700
Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group SupportYes
Internet Group Management Protocol Versions 2 and 3Supports both Snooping and Querying
Virtual LANsIEEE 802.1Q, supports up to 4096 VLANs
Tagged VLANs (Q-in-Q)Supported
Fast Spanning Tree ProtocolIEEE 802.1W Compliance
Protection MechanismsIncludes Loop Guard and BPDU Guard
Supported Ethernet Speeds10, 25, 40, 50, 56, 100 Gb/s
Maximum Frame SizeSupports frames up to 9216 bytes
Virtual Routing and Forwarding Instances64
Network ProtocolsSupports IPv4/IPv6, including route maps
Routing ProtocolsBGP4, OSPFv2
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol RelaySupports both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 Relay
Routing InterfacesRouter Port, internal VLAN, and NULL Interface
Equal-Cost Multi-Path Routing64 paths supported
Power Consumption (ATIS standard)150W with passive cables
Power Supply Requirements100-127VAC, 200-240VAC; 50-60Hz; Single Phase AC; 4.5A/2.9A
Physical DimensionsHeight: 43.8mm; Width: 427.83mm; Depth: 686mm
Device Weight11.1 kg
High-Speed Cable TypesQSFP breakout cables for 100GbE to 4x25GbE and 40GbE to 4x10GbE, DAC and optical
Data Throughput6.4 Terabits per second
Packet Forwarding Rate4.76 billion packets per second
Environmental ComplianceRoHS

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